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Automatic LOD Selection using CNNs

In Computer Graphics, the building block for representing a geometry is by using triangle primitives. Triangles are efficient in terms of memory, but for constructing a realistic-looking object, we must put lots of triangles together. In realtime rendering, there has an upper limit for the amount of time spent to render each frame. More triangle... Read more

Debiasing effect of VR/AR

In the video game development industry, there are terms like ‘re-skin’ and ‘cosmetic changes’ which refers to change in the appearance of any object in the game world. I am pretty sure you are familiar with dozen clones of Flappy Bird game. All of them have the same underlying mechanics but have different visuals and aesthetics, that’s it! The e... Read more

Mining Twitter for Training Language Models

In the last couple of days, One of my friends from UCI and I have started a new project, a very different kind to my taste! I have pretty much zero knowledge of natural language processing (NLP) and I wanted to change that once for all. So I joined my friend in doing some empirical study of social networks. There are lots of courses and ... Read more

VMessy Gostly Trojanic Chiselling Town

There are countless methods for tunneling/proxying traffics from one endpoint to another. In this post, I am going to explain some of the more widespread techniques used in my neighborhood. (All guides obtained from the Net, and I am just gathering them in one place). TL;DR Method Server Server Params Cli... Read more

Spec Ops: The Line - Excuses, Self-Deception, Ignorant [Spoiler]

If I ask you, what is the most controversial scene in a video game you’ve played, You’d probably think of some very famous scenes, like “No Russian” mission in COD: Modern Warfare 2, or the GTA V torture scene. But for me, the most horrendous, dark and provocative scene is one of the missions of “Spec Ops: The Line”. Released in 2012, Spec Ops... Read more