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The Disconnection!

I was born and raised on the Red Planet, Mars. The government here is a little different than what it is on Earth. For example, a couple of weeks ago, there was a moderate protest against the rocket fuel price. The price went up by 300% overnight and people really didn’t like it that much. The government, on the other hand, executed the DICT-5... Read more

Randomness of Uninitialized Variables

The other day I came across this interesting question on StackOverflow. The OP is merely asking whether it is a good idea to use an Uninitialized Variable (UV) as a random number generator. There are several answers to this question, from the Software Engineering point of view, it might be a terrible idea; because this kind of code introduces ... Read more

I made a game to better understand CNNs

One of my hobbies is to play with pre-trained models to see how good they perform. Almost always it was clear to me that pre-trained models, like DeepLab or MaskRCNN, are not particularly good at detecting some abstract representations of an object. They are to some extends good at detecting (full) silhouettes, but they perform poorly when they ... Read more

A Quest for fixing Recommendation Systems

Do you ever wonder where youtube will take you if you watch 1000 videos in a row, or what happens if you press the Next button for a large number of times? Let say you start watching the trailer of Spider-Man: Far From Home, could we say anything particular about the 1000th video after this one? Is it going to be a Movie trailer or Music Video, ... Read more